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MLM's BEST Telephone Scripts and PROVEN Training on "How to Recruit Any Prospect by Telephone"

If you are a network marketer building your MLM business, what you say on the phone ... and how you say it ... will determine your success.

Beatty Carmichael

For the first time ever, personal coach, top MLM trainer and DSA Supplier Member Beatty Carmichael is giving away FREE the actual telephone scripts and some of the training that has made him famous in the industry.

Mr. Carmichael has trained tens of thousands of network marketers, helping them achieve new levels of success in their businesses.

In this special FREE TOOLS GIFT you'll get:

  • The SAME telephone scripts he uses to coach his clients to amazing success
  • A training CD (audio download) with step-by-step training on how to recruit almost anyone by telephone
  • Two of Mr. Carmichael's personal coaching audios: "how to pre-qualify leads on the phone" (a fool-proof method anyone can do!) and "how to create instant trust over the phone" (a must-know for any network marketer!)

BONUS: In addition, get a special, surprise -- a 6 CD set audio download by Mr. Carmichael as he teaches his favorite topics on reaching the pinnacle of success in your life.

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